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"Ask a Librarian" service unavailable on Monday, January 20

In observance of Martin Luther King Day, the library's "Ask a Librarian" service will be closed on Monday, January 20.  We will resume our normal service on Tuesday, January 21.

The library databases are available 24/7, but reference service will be unavailable.

If interested, you can watch Dr. King's Nobel Prize acceptance speech here.



Welcome to 2014!

Hi: it’s Jennie the library director, and I hope 2014 is treating you well! So far, I’ve baked cookies, seen a movie and looked out at the snow: nothing earth shattering, but a very nice day. I fully expect 2014 to be more exciting overall than this sleepy New Year’s Day, however. One source of excitement (well, read on….maybe excitement isn’t quite the right word) for us in the library is the results of our guides survey. You might actually have seen it: if you have worked with a course guide or one of the library’s helpful guides to searching or other research-related topics: periodically, you may see a pop up asking you if you’d like to take a survey. We used some fairly sophisticated tools, so you aren’t asked every time, but on a specific timetable some users see the link: and it’s gratifying how many of you have taken our short two question survey asking how helpful you find those guides. To be frank, I’ve been shocked at the high percentage of guide users who have given us their feedback, but really, after having typed those words, why was I surprised? The Walden community is a sophisticated bunch: You have opinions, you use our tools, and your feedback has always helped us plan: plan to be better. Plan to be more useful. Plan to serve you better.  Data is still coming in, but I can tell you that  just in the  first five weeks that the survey was live,  3,185 surveys were completed (out of 748,901 guide hits: in five weeks’ time!). In general, we’re satisfied with the results, and the results roughly match what we see on the end of course surveys. For example, 77.1% of respondents reported that they found guides useful in completing their academic work. That’s pretty good! However, and this is the feedback we need to keep getting better, about 12% of students found Library Skills and Tech Help guides “Useless.”

We need to take a look at this in 2014. 12 percent is a small percentage, but it’s not a small number: that’s a large enough group of library users that we need to interrogate those findings a bit. What’s up? Are those guides organized in a way that might make them confusing? Are the links poorly placed? Are we doing a bad job of explaining what those guides are for and when they should be consulted? We don’t know, but in 2014, we are going to test all those theories out and then some. And yeah, to me at least, that makes 2014 exciting. If I were to pick one pithy statement as a theme for this year in the library, it would be “If you don’t ask, you don’t know.” We’re asking: and we’re here to answer your questions, too. Ask and know in 2014: we’ll be here. And when we make changes based on your feedback, we won’t keep it a secret!



Inspiring social change videos from Walden students

Congratulations to the winners of Walden University's Scholars of Change 2013 video contest!

What a truly inspiring way to end 2013, with a look at all the good work our students are doing around the world. 

These winners are just a small segment of the Walden community, but the diversity of their work reflects the diversity of our university. We in the Walden Library are so proud to be a part of all of your research and work towards social change.

You can use the Ask a Librarian form to contact with your research needs.

We look forward to helping our students with their research in 2014! Together we can achieve great social change!




Holiday Cooking Recipes in the Walden Library!

Celebrate the holidays by trying some of the delicious recipes available in the Walden Library.

You may want to try Roast Turkey Breast with Lemon and Sage Brown Butter, groundnut stew, spiced nuts, Grand Marnier pistachio truffles, Christmas cake, latkes, or refrigerator shortbread.

You can find these recipes, plus many others, in the Walden Library by using the multidatabase search tool, Thoreau.

On the library’s main page, look for the Articles by Topic button, or select Search and Find and click on:  Articles by Topic.

On the Articles by Topic page, look for the multidatbase search tool, Thoreau, and click on the link. (You may need to log in with your myWalden username and password.)

Type “holiday cooking” in the first search box. Using quotation marks around a phrase tells the database to treat it as a single search term.

Click Search, and enjoy your results!


Technical difficulties with some databases

The Walden Library is experiencing technical difficulties with Expanded Academic ASAP, General Science Collection, Gale Virtual Reference Library, and Nursing Books from Ovid.  Users are seeing an error message when accessing articles in HTML full text.  We are aware of the issue and working to fix it as soon as possible.